10/2/08-This poem was written by request for the facilitator of my poetry group. She asked me to write a poem about a daisy. I’m sure someday I will start writing about something other than Eliana, but for now, she is my inspiration. I live for my living children. I write for Eliana.

See Her

by Deanna Parish

The daisy dreams, lies swaddled in the Earth

‘Til spring demands she strain toward the light

Her petals open, whisper of her birth

While nature weeps in wonder at the sight

Sweet gentle breeze to lull her fast asleep

As golden haze of summer stretches on

Bright blossom dips and sways and seeks to keep

Her beauty pure and perfect ’til she’s wan

The chill begins to seep up from the ground

She droops and wilts as autumn days rush past

She lets go of this world without a sound

A flower’s life was never meant to last

But through the aching winter, dark and cold

To memories of the daisy I will hold