This blog has been created for those who want to keep up with my thoughts since I lost my baby in April of 2008. It is not a diary of my life. It is an outlet for my pain. As such, you will rarely read about happy or fun things we are doing, or see some sort of balance in my writing. Please remember this blog is about my journey of grief.

It is my hope that sharing my feelings will accomplish two things. First, to help others who are going through this, by maybe articulating some of their thoughts, and letting them know they are not alone. And second, to teach those who have never lost a child what it is like to go through it. The experience is more horrible than you can imagine, but chances are you will end up knowing at least one person who will have to deal with it first-hand. I believe it’s better for everybody if the bereaved do not have to suffer in silence.

If you would like to see Eliana’s online memorial and read her life story, feel free to visit You can see all the things that I continue to do in her memory. Even in death, she continues to touch people’s lives.

Wishing you well, Deanna